What is Community Policing?

Community Policing is a philosophy that concentrates on social disorder and crime within a community. Community Police Services include all aspects of law enforcement including crime deterrence, problem solving, and interacting and forming partnerships with members of the community. Community Policing requires that members of the Department of Public  Safety and the community join together to identify problems and effectively implement plans to address these problems.


  Community Policing Goal
  • Involving the community in identifying its own public safety concerns and eliciting input in setting the Department's priorities for addressing same.
  • Increasing community participation in policing activities and community based public safety programs.
  • Exchanging information with the community on a regular basis.
  • Using a problem solving approach to develop strategies for police operations that respond to specific community problems, including non-traditional tactics and strategies.
  • Partenering with Community members, Riverbay Staff, NYPD, JASA, and other resources to help achieve the desired outcome.