The Department of Public Safety maintains a list of residents in need of special assistance.  In the event of an emergency, Public Safety,  the New York City Police Department and Fire Department along with other emergency response agencies utilize this informantion to immediately reach out to those who need of special assistance.

Residents that are handicapped or require special equipment such as life support machines, dialysis machines, wheelchairs, scooters or oxygen are urged to enroll or update information currently on file. 

An Enrollment / Update Form can be downloaded below, or you can call (718) 320-3330 to request one.  Please complete all pertinent information that Public Safety and other agencies need to provide you the assistance you require. This assistance can take many forms such as small portable generators to help your equipment stay operable during a power failure, or evacuation assistance if you are disabled, hearing or sight impaired.



Click here to download Enrollment / Update Form