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What is it ?

RUOK is a FREE telephone reassurance program offered by the Co-op City Department of Public Safety.  The program provides a way to check on the well Being of senior citizens and homebound residents of Co-op City that may Require assistance, or who might face medical emergencies alone at their home.

RUOK provides a daily "check up" phone call and emergency assistance when needed.

How Can RUOK Help Me ?

RUOK helps cooperators remain independent in their own home and brings them a feeling of comfort and security knowing that they will receive help if a problem occurs.  RUOK eases the concerns of friends and relatives in knowing that you are being checked on daily and that assistance will be dispatched if needed.

How Does RUOK Work ?

Once registered, cooperators receive a daily, computer generate phone call at a pre-set time that they choose. All that is needed is to pick up the telephone, listen to the pre-recorded message and respond accordingly.

If you do not answer the call, two follow-up calls will be made. If all attempts fail, the Public Safety dispatcher is immediately alerted and the cooperator's emergency contacts will be notified.  These contacts can include phone numbers of close family members, friends, neighbors, doctors or clergy. In the event that none of the contacts can be reached, a Public Safety officer will be dispatched to your home to check on your well being.

Cooperators can have calls temporarily stopped whenever they are away from home. To do so, call Public Safety and advise them of the dates that you will be away. Your calls will be stopped temporarily and restarted as requested.

How Much Does It Cost ?


This service is FREE to eligible Residents of Co-op City.


Do I Need To Buy Special Equipment ?

 No. This system works with any Touch-Tone Phone.  

How Do I Sign up ?

To sign up, download the application form below -  or call The Co-op City Department of Public Safety at (718) 320-3330.

Click here to Download RUOK Application