Emergency Notification System



To be able to alert all Co-op City residents in an instant in case of any emergency situation affecting the community or the general region, Riverbay has partnered with the nationally renowned alert service "Everbridge" to establish a new state-of-the-art Co-op City Notification System.

The system, which is currently used by communities, businesses, universities, government agencies and other throughout the nation, is capable of sending tens and thousands of urgent messages to a select or a wide spread audience in an instant either via, phone, e-mail or through a wide variety of popular texting services.

The new system will have many uses and advantages for the community. Besides its high priority use in the case of emergencies, the notification system can be narrowed down to reach residents of a specific building, building line or even a specific floor to notify them to a temporary loss of service, such as a hot water shut down or the loss of an elevator due to needed repairs.  But the primary and most urgent need for the Co-op City Notification System will be to instantly notify all residents in the community if Co-op City faces an emergency with potential life-threatening implications.

The Co-op City Notification System will not be just for residents who own and use the most advanced hand-held communications devices or cell phones but everyone whether they use a home phone, cell phone, computer or Blackberry as their communication device.

A data base of the phone number, cell number, text number and e-mail of each shareholder is currently being updated and each shareholder will have the option of providing one or many, phone numbers, cell numbers, text numbers or e-mails that they would like to be reached by the notification system when activated. Families with students in school, parents at work and other family members at home can receive the alert notification simultaneously upon activation.

The notification system will be used in a variety of situations that may occur within the community over the course of time such as a major power failure or utility interruption. In the case of a region-wide power failure, shareholders outside the community at the time of the disruption in service will be alerted as to the current situation within the community itself, which may likely be full service because the community now produces the great bulk of its own power.

Through the Co-op City notification system, residents can be advised about major road closings affecting the community, bomb threats, missing persons, fires, eminent severe weather, and potential medical emergencies.

Shareholders can update their information and register as many as five voice phone numbers, either home or cell, and as many as five e-mail addresses or text addresses using the form below.

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